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Assitant Brewer - Cellarman

In 2022 we expanded our brew operations with the transfer of our production from our taproom to a separate facility (a whole 20 yards across the parking lot). Increased production has allowed us to finally start distributing kegs and cans to bars, restaurant, and stores across the Fraser Valley. With this increased demand we are looking for an individual to assist our Head Brewer in all things beer related.


Job Requirements


 - Previous Brewing and Cellar experience

 - Able to Lift 100+ pounds

 - Ability to fix/repair machinery

 - Good Communication


 - Assisting head brewer with brewing tasks

 - Cellar work including transfers, CIP, readings

 - Packaging work including keg cleaning, kegging, bottling and canning

 - Stocking tasting room

 - Coordination with distribution manager

 - Tapline cleaning

 - Ability to work closely with brewing team

 - Organization and cleanliness are key

 - Potential taproom shifts as needed


 - Competitive Salary

 - Health Insurance Stipend

 - Retirement Plan

 - Free Beer

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